Awesome day with friends was awesome

You might want to ignore this.

What I thought would be just a short date with two of my closest friends turned out to be a fail-movie-night-turned-sleep-over-sans-sleep.

I met with Tiffany and JB (A.K.A. the one and only "Trophy Boy" from Reese Lansangan’s music video) in Greenbelt to catch up with 2 of our other friends before they left for Cebu. After we helped our Cebu-bound friends get a cab, we walked around the area, talking about boys (HIHI) and girls (HEHE) and other normal teenage stuff.

We mostly poked fun at Tiffany for the things she confessed.

It was around 7pm that we decided we’d head back to my place for dinner and a movie.

Eating at home is great. The food tastes amazing AND it’s free!" - Trophy Boy, 2011

Anyway, we had time to kill before our transpo got there, so we ended up walking around Greenbelt some more. By 8pm, JB was already sleepy. He’s the only college student I know who goes to bed at 7 or 8 on a school night even when he has exams/schoolwork.

We got home around 10pm and, just as momma promised, there was food on ze table! Ral and Joeyboy (brother) joined us for dinner. After eating, we went back to my room.

We planned on watching movies, yes? That didn’t exactly happen.

  • Tiffany was on Facebook and Twitter the entire night (she’s new to the whole twitter thing)
  • JB fell asleep as soon as his ass landed on the sofa bed and his upper body landed on my bed (you’ll understand this when you see the pictures below)
  • I tried watching the movie/s from my bed, but I ended up moving around a lot and I almost fell asleep :))

Idek why I used bullets there ^

Trophy Boy finally legit woke up at 2 in the morning.

Bbcakes Mewa had trouble sleeping, so we Skyped for a bit because she said she missed me and Tiff. But Tiff was being a lazy ass and wouldn’t get off the bed, so Mewa made JB and I sing for her until her internet connection went crazy. She took her internet problem as a sign and decided to go to bed. 

She only realized JB’s other identity after reviewing the screencaps she took of our Skype session :))

JB and I were itching to sing some more, so we ended up recording a couple of songs. 

Okay, I know it doesn’t seem like we did a lot. What happened was definitely one of those “you should’ve been there/you wouldn’t get it if you weren’t there” deals.

Oh yeah, they borrowed my shirts because, well, they’re loose. :)) OH the 3 of us were wearing similar jeans. If I hadn’t changed my top before leaving the house to meet ‘em, we would’ve had similar outfits. Sneakers, faded jeans, and a dark blue shirt. Our shirts were made of the same material pa. They say great minds think alike but, damn, this shit’s just freakishly eerie.

Not the first time he fell asleep in my room.

What Tiff and I (and all the girls who know him) consider to be his best asset

Look at that. Lower body on the sofa bed, upper body on my bed.

Fact: Because of how things turned out, JB ended up being the first male friend to have ever slept in my room overnight. 

Aaaaand I caught the start of Tiffany’s Twitter addiction on camera. Woohoo!

When we looked at the clock, it was 7 am. :)) We ate breakfast before I brought them to their homes. So that’s 2 free meals in less that 12 hours. Awesome.

It was awesome spending time with them. So glad we got to hang with JB before his 1pm flight. 

And oh, I’ll be posting a video of JB and I soon. :) Our first ever documented duet!